Monday, January 31, 2011

Mobile Monday - New ancestry app for the ipod touch, iphone, and ipad

There's a new post on Ancestry's blog regarding the newly updated Ancestry app for the ipod touch, iphone and ipad.  This new update to their mobile app Ancestry (formerly Tree to Go) brings the app in line with the way you view member trees at ancestry's website.

To me, this update is just what I was looking for with their mobile app.  As soon as I saw the blog update in google reader, I immediately grabbed my ipod touch to update Tree to Go so I could see it for myself. 

I went into my main tree and after it finished the sync, I was presented with the tree view.  I flicked right to left in the top half of the screen until I got to my great-grandfather, John A. Blom

After selecting my great grandfather's little card, I was then brought to this screen:

Here is the family view:

And here's the photo view:

And last, but certainly not least... my personal favorite... The Evidence view:

From what I also read at the ancestry blog, they are also considering a Droid app, which would be great for me because then I would definitely have my ancestry tree anywhere I go since I have a Droid phone as well as my ipod touch.  Until the android version does become reality however, if you do have an iphone, ipod touch or an ipad, and you are a member at ancestry, I highly recommend you go download this app.  After all, the app itself is free!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Amber. I actually had Tree To Go and hadn't realized that it had updated. I think I'll enjoy this App more now.

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