Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ancestor Approved Award


So back in November, I was nominated by Alice Keesey Mecoy (author of John Brown Kin blog) for the Ancestor Approved blogging award.  I was still getting into the swing of posting blogs and kinda set it on the back burner so to speak as I hadn’t really thought of homework aspect of the award much. 

Part of receiving the award is to “list ten things I have learned about any of  my ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlightened me and to  pass the award along to ten other blog writers whom I  feel are doing their ancestors proud.”

Well, I was also given the award on the 12th of January by Jenny Lanctot (of her blog Are My Roots Showing).  I work full time so I hadn’t really given much thought (again) to the ten items list.

I figured this week, however, since I took a couple days off from work so I wouldn’t have to be out in the snow, I would go ahead and work on it.  My list of ten things I have learned will be in an upcoming post.  I just wanted this post to recognize the two great bloggers who had given me the award with this one!

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