Saturday, January 8, 2011

1900 US Federal Census handwriting...

I've been catching up on my source citations in my rootsmagic database, and I am struggling to figure out what the occupation of my 2nd great-grandfather Henry Moes is for the 1900 US Federal Census. 

The image I found on is below:

Year: 1900; Census Place: Chicago Ward 34, Cook, Illinois; Roll: T623_290; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 1115.

Anyone out there who thinks they know what the occupation is, I would be really grateful for the help!  


  1. Amber,

    I'm no expert, but it sure looks like "clupping" to me. I've googled and googled, but to no avail. I can't find any definition for the word. I couldn't find any other instances of the word in the rest of the census enumeration either - although some of the words start to look a lot like heiroglyphics there toward the end! Maybe it has something to do with the shoe repair business?

  2. I truly enjoy reading your blog! I am pronouncing you "Ancestor Approved" ... the image and information is on my blog at


  3. I won't be much help but the letters (to me) look like "C l" then a "u" or maybe an "es" followed by either a double "f" or a double "p" or one of each. There's a blurred section and I couldn't enlarge the image large enough to get enough detail. After the double letter it looks like there's a dot for an "i" but the letters look like "erng." No matter how I put the letters together I don't come up with a word I know. I hope someone reads your post who recognizes the word!