Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elusive ancestors in the 1900 census

My great-great grandfather, John Wesley Hazlett along with his parents and siblings continue to elude me in the 1900 census.

John Wesley Hazlett was born November 4, 1884 in Jewell County, Kansas.  He married my great-great grandmother, Mamie Kate Wallace on January 6, 1906 in Brunswick, Charition, Missouri.  According to the 1910 census they were living in Boons Lick, Howard, Missouri.  Since the 1890 census was mostly destroyed and he wasn't born until after the 1880 census, I thought I could find him around age 5 or 6 in the 1900 census... but so far no luck.

His father, William H. Hazlett (born November 18, 1846 in Ohio) and mother, Jessie Henderson (born October 30, 1856 in Eccles, Berwickshire, Scotland) were living in Jewell County, Kansas as of the 1880 census.  In the 1910 census, William and Jessie were living in Brunswick, Chariton, Missouri.

I have slowly been going through the census records for Chariton County, Missouri on but so far have yet to find them and searching for common misspellings of Hazlett hasn't yielded any luck either.  I still hold hope that this brick wall will come down and I will someday find where they have been hiding in the 1900 Census.

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