Monday, December 20, 2010

Mailbox Monday - The importance of reading directions!

I recently sent off for copies of my own parents' birth certificates and marriage certificate so that I would have them in my growing collection of records. 

Today, I got a letter back from the Indiana State Department of Health requesting a copy of my birth certificate in order to receive my father's birth certificate.  Apparently, I would have known I needed this if I had read the instructions a little better.


I'm sure we've all made a mistake like this so I don't feel bad about it, just frustrated that I get to wait even longer to get that document in my hands.  So I guess this post is just my way of reminding folks that if they are dealing with other states than they reside in to make sure to fully research what is required when requesting vital records so you won't have to wait longer and waste time and stamps.

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  1. I did something similar recently. I filled out the paperwork for my mom to request her mother's birth certificate from Michigan. I read all the directions carefully, including the cost. A few days after mailing it off, I was looking up the information again to order a grand aunt's birth certificate and found that I had sent the wrong amount of money with the application. On the order form, it said "Senior $7" with no other explanation so I thought since Mom is a senior, she got a huge discount. But no.... on another web page, it stated that the senior rate is only for your own birth certificate! UGH! Why didn't they put that on the application itself??? So I'm waiting to see if they are going to contact us about the wrong fee or if we are just never going to hear from them. Oh the frustration! LOL