Friday, November 19, 2010

Found a great deal on eBay

I came across a book the last time I was at the Wichita Public Library regarding the history of Elk County, Kansas.  This is where my grandfather and great-grandfather on the Vestal side were born and where my great-great-grandfather Vestal moved in the late 1880s.  Well, I wanted to get a copy of the book for myself, however everywhere I looked for used books showed a minimum price of about $75 all the way up to a price of around $120.  This was a bit out of my budget so I put it on the back burner so to speak.

That is until I checked eBay the other morning.  I was going through my email and found an alert for a search I saved at for Elk County Kansas and there before me was a listing for the book "Elk County: A Narrative History of Elk County and Its People" for only $29.95!  I clicked through to see if it was still there for purchase and sure enough it was.  So now I am eagerly awaiting my copy of this book which will be my first genealogical book in my personal collection. 

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